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Kathleen Ortiz, Director of Subsidiary Rights / Agent
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Author Visits

I enjoy speaking at schools, bookstores, libraries, or conferences. I adjust my presentations to suit any age group, from Kindergarten to adults. Being a Disney animator, I involve drawing and discussion of characters from films I’ve worked on, (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit? “The Road To El Dorado” “The Princess And The Frog” “Frozen,” to name a few.) As an author/illustrator I show how I create characters from my imagination. My presentations vary from 30-50 minutes, depending on the audience.

For older kids, I speak about the profession of animator, author, and illustrator, and relate the challenges of teamwork involved in animation versus the solitude of writing and illustrating on my own. I love reading aloud, engaging and entertaining kids with ideas of character development and plot.

My three children taught me lots about what entertains them. Having a strong connection with your inner child is practically a prerequisite for my professions. I am passionate about what I do, and consider myself extremely fortunate to do something I love for a living.

A note to hosts: Please have an easel and large drawing pad on hand, as well as a digital projector. (I share pictures and video clips from my ipad.) Books should be pre-ordered and available on date of visit. (Hosts can arrange to share a percentage of sales with the book seller.)

I gladly sign and do small drawings to personalize each purchased book.

Rates and Scheduling Information

Rates include the sale of books on the date of the visit.
$500 per day for school visits.
$1,000 per day for college and university visits of multiple days, with travel, room and board arranged. 
Travel events more than one hour’s drive from Glendale, CA can be negotiated.

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Frans Visits


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